Citizen's groups have researched and sent recommendations to the City of Ottawa on how to amend the Urban Tree Conservation By-law. 
The recommendations include: 
  • Lower the protected tree minimum size from 50 cm diameter to 30 cm diameter, with a 20 cm minimum for evergreens, fruit and ornamental trees;
  • Raise the bar for proof of “danger” and other reasons requiring tree removal;
  • Improve the sequencing of processes that currently allow building permits and variances to require tree removal as of right;
  • Extend the notice window from 7 to 14 days, to ensure the public knows tree removal is planned;
  • Increase what are currently derisory fines for deliberate violations of the bylaw from the current $500 minimum to a minimum $5,000 fine for deliberate destruction without a permit.
  • Adopt the Forests Ontario Heritage Tree Program.
Call or write to your Councillor, the Chair of the Environment Committee (David Chernushenko) and Mayor Jim Watson. Tell them you want the bylaw to offer more protection for mature trees, and scope for planting new trees.
Read all the recommendations

Who endorses the recommendations?

These Community Associations formally endorse the recommendations:
  1. Action Sandy Hill

  2. Alta Vista Community Association

  3. Centretown Community Association

  4. Champlain Park Community Association

  5. Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association

  6. Dalhousie Community Association

  7. Glebe Community Association

  8. Glens Community Association

  9. Hampton Iona Community Group

  10. Heron Park Community Association

  11. Hintonburg Community Association

  12. Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association

  13. Lowertown Community Association

  14. March Rural Community Association

  15. Old Ottawa East Community Association

  16. Old Ottawa South Community Association

  17. Overbrook Community Association

  18. Riverview Park Community Association

  19. Rockcliffe Park Residents Association

  20. Vanier Community Association

  21. Wellington Village Community Association

  22. Westboro Community Association

  23. Greater Avalon Community Association

These Environmental Groups formally endorse the recommendations:
  1. Federation of Citizen’s Associations of Ottawa (FAC)

  2. Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital

  3. Ecology Ottawa

  4. Champlain Oaks Project

  5. Big Trees of Kitchissippi

  6. Volunteer Gardeners of Clare Gardens Park

  7. Sustainable Living Ottawa East (SLOE)

University of Ottawa Department of Biology, Faculty of Science

Read their letter of support.

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